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Digital photo frame

1. No Power On                      
a. Make sure the power adaptor is plugged properly
b. Make sure the power switch is turned on

2. Connect the power, but digital photo frame does not start.   
a. Please check whether power has been correctly connected to the power outlet and, or if the adapter is well connected.  

3. Sometimes, digital photo frame can not read the memory card?
a. Memory card is not insert properly
b. Maybe the card you insert is not the type of the support at.( Photo format support: JPEG, Music format support: MP3/WMA, Movie format support: DAT/MPG/VOB/MP4)
c. Suggest that you use un-pirate high-speed memory card. Otherwise, it maybe unable to identify information or a halt and slow reaction when visiting the big picture or broadcasting the film.
d. Please shut down and plug a memory card, then reboot to see if the card is readable.
e. Check whether the card is formatted after bought. The new card need to format before used generally.

4. Cannot display the photos when entered to photo mode
a. The picture format is not support
b. No photo in the memory card

5. Digital photo frame has been opened, but no responds to other functions.
a. Please insert memory card, and then open the power
b. Check the memory card. If the memory card does not insert correctly, or if is not the type of support, the screen can not display photos.  

6. The picture size is too small on the TFT screen
a. The resolution of video/picture is small

7. Video output is abnormal
a. Make sure A/V cable is connected properly
b. Make sure the TV mode of AV output is the same as TV's

8. Black blocks around the picture
a. This is normal because different DC take photo with the different solution & resolution

9. There is no sound when broadcasting background music.
a. Return to the desktop menu, choose music files and check whether sound with it. The machine only supports music with MP3 format.  
10.The digital photo frame has the function of changing interval time when display pictures automatically. But when adjusting the time, it seems no change. The time is between the photo completely transiting to the next one which is static. While the time of transiting is fixed, not changing (about two seconds).When adjusting the static appearing time, the machine will appear the adjusted time in the next photo, rather than immediate implementation. So many customers often feel that the time is not changed.

11.Whether the memory card used in the mobile phone can be identified.
The card in the mobile phone also can be identified, but the size of the card is too small. So the card need a tray can.                

12.I have connected the USB memory device, but the device can not work.
Check the type of the memory device, and the machine can not support the Composite usb equipment.      

13.When the machine works with memory inserting, plug the card and the machine dies.
Please cut the power, insert the card and open the machine.                          
14.The machine dies when broadcasting the Avi format files.    
a. When broadcasting the Avi format files, browse the files until the contents display, please be sure do not click so fast.
b. Avi format may not be compatible or its capacity is too much .Close the machine, open the machine again, and do not broadcast the just file.  

15.When automatically broadcasting Photos, pull out the memory card and the machine often enters into the loop.
System has been in a state of the reader while automatically broadcasting photos, and the card will be easy injury for Hot Swap. Try not to hot swap cards or not pull the reader card when the card is in the system.

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